Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Is Anyone Out There?

Hi, Again,

It's me - long time no write. To be honest, sometimes it's difficult to know what to write. I know many of you bloggers know what that's like. Sometimes I feel the need to write and other times I feel I ought to write - big difference. I'd rather pen a correspondence when I sense that "everyone must hear about this"-sort-of thing or know that it's being directed to someone specific in need at a specific time in their life that's timely.

I'm curious...about many things...but right now I'm wondering how much this blog actually helps readers, if I have any at all. I want to sincerely be a support for those struggling with eating disorders and the like, but there are stretches where I wonder if anyone is bothering to read my blog. I'm sure there are, because I've heard from a few of you every now and then, but then again - I haven't.

If this helps you in some way, let me know. Are there specific topics related to ED's that you'd like me to address? Granted, I'm not setting myself up as an expert or anything. We all have unique experiences and can't 100% know what it's like to "wear someone else's pants" or experience their pain; however, I have been through a grueling recovery experience that I've learned from and enjoy sharing with others to lend a good feeling or insightful tid bit.

So, if you feel the urge, you know where I am.

Have a great week.



MissBlueBird88 said...

I read it, just so you know! Also, my friend from treatment, Cole, got a lot out of reading your book. Thank you for all you do!

Michael said...

Gary, I absolutely love reading your blog. Even moreso, I was glad you wrote your book. Please keep on writing and I will do my best to reach out when I need help or perspective .. I always complain I don't have anyone to talk to about these feelings but I'm finding there are some people who are interested and care. So, thank you doing what you do.

Your friend,

PS. You and a good friend of mine Shelly, have inspired me to video blog (and journal), to speak out and be a voice, be heard, we never know who is reading or listening, but our words on occassion do get out and make people feel less alone in their feelings I believe.

My blog is at:

Anonymous said...

I read, here and there.
I haven't read the book, yet.
I just entered recovery for EDNOS, but I'm doing it essentially on my own. It's me, a therapist, and a handful of friends who are either inconsistent or emotionally close but physically distant.

Jane said...

Yes, we are out here. So many timess young men are overlooked as suffererss of eating disorders. Please don't stop blogging, if you help only one, it is well worth it.